Rawasi Kuwait Holding [K.S.C.C]

Rawasi through the years

Leadership and History.

Mr. Ayman Boodai’s visionary leadership has been instrumental in Rawasi Holding’s success. His wisdom and patience have guided The Securities House since 1986, leading to unprecedented growth. His establishment of investment tools and products compatible with Islamic law has shaped the investment landscape in Kuwait.

Rawasi through the years

His long and varied career as the leader of Al Rawasi Holding has followed the below timeline:


YIACO Medical, founded in 1953, is a successful direct investment opportunity by The Securities House. Under Mr. Ayman Boodai’s guidance, the company expanded healthcare services, including medical equipment and hospital supplies. The Securities House listed YIACO Medical shares on the Kuwait Stock Exchange, aiming to become a large medical group.


Al Salam Hospital’s senior management’s valuable insights have led Rawasi Holding to promote healthcare investment, motivating established companies like KFH to contribute before divesting, despite not strictly adhering to The Securities House’s business model.


Under Mr. Boodai’s leadership as a chairman, The Securities House entered the privatization phase, Rawasi Holding took over 40% of Securities House.


Demonstrating a forward-thinking vision, the launch of the Arzaq Fund for Financial Investment marked the introduction of the first equity fund in Kuwait, compliant with Islamic Sharia provisions.


The Securities House successfully completed the restructuring plan for AREF Investment Group, culminating in the listing of its shares on the Kuwait Stock Exchange.


The acquisition of Alghanim Industries expanded the company’s portfolio to encompass healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, commerce, communications, and information technology.


The participation in the Al Salam International Hospital project exemplified the company’s commitment to promoting diversity in Al Rawasi Holding’s investments.


The New Technology Bottling Company, established in 2002, embodies Islamic Sharia investment principles. The “Abraaj Water” brand is a reliable national product, that is distributed locally & expanded to some neighboring countries.


The establishment of the Global Securities House (GSH) in Kuwait marked the company’s foray into economic and financial consulting on an international scale, serving as its investment arm for real estate ventures.


In a groundbreaking move, The Securities House converted its operations to comply with Islamic Sharia, becoming the first company in Kuwait to operate under Sharia supervision.


The Deyaar Group introduced a real estate investment fund in compliance with Islamic law, targeting both local and international real estate opportunities.


By acquiring the Education Holding Group, which owned the Gulf University for Science and Technology, The Securities House further strengthened its presence in the education sector.


Al-Aman Investment Company was launched as a specialized subsidiary focusing on asset management, following the acquisition and restructuring of AlShall Consulting.


YIACO Medical Company, a prominent player in the pharmaceutical industry and medical services, was listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange, solidifying its position as one of the largest local companies in its field.


The establishment of Gate House as an investment bank aimed to propel The Securities House towards greater growth by venturing into the international Islamic banking industry.


Rawasi’s acquisition of the Green Plastic Factory, renowned for its production and export of plastic products in the region, further expanded the company’s manufacturing capabilities.


Rawasi Holding played a significant role in the establishment of Kuwait International Law School, a pioneering institution as the first private law school in Kuwait.


The Securities House successfully repaid all debts and obligations in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. The firm underwent a comprehensive restructuring process to ensure its continued success.


Rawasi’s acquisition of Cruncho factory / Prolife, specializing in a range of products such as tortilla chips, popcorn, and puffed potatoes, enhanced the company’s diverse product offerings.


The acquisition of Gulf North Africa Holding Company / Rasiyat Holding Company, with a focus on real estate, finance, education, and industry in the MENA region, enabled the restructuring of these entities into specialized firms dedicated to higher education and other sectors.


The acquisition of Kuwait Technical College (Ktech) underscored the commitment to provide educational, economic, and professional development opportunities for Kuwaiti and Gulf citizens.