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The evolution of Rawasi Holding:
From diverse investment to strategic leadership.

Welcome to Rawasi Kuwait Holding [K.S.C.C], where we embrace a legacy of well-managed investments and a clear vision for the future. Our journey has set us apart from other companies and investment entities; we strive to continually grow and develop with the experience we have gained since our establishment in 1982.
With a team led by Mr. Ayman Abdullah Boodai, we have accumulated invaluable expertise over the years. Our diversified investments have enabled us to mature and reach new levels, culminating in the strategic decision to convert into a holding company. Today, Rawasi Holding encompasses a range of operating companies with exceptional performance, providing our parent company with a diversified investment portfolio.

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Our Values

Derived from the authenticity
of an inherent Sharia law.

At Rawasi Holding, we are driven by our core values derived from the authenticity of Sharia law, a rich professional history, and a commitment to transparency and credibility. We firmly believe in establishing an institutional and sustainable investment entity that plays a significant role in increasing national production.
Our goal is to develop the investment industry in accordance with Islamic principles, seizing operational opportunities and merging the legacy and authenticity of the past with the principles of Islamic economics.

Executive Team

A Collective of Minds,
Guided by Values and Principles.

Executive Team

A Collective of Minds,
Guided by Values and Principles.

Ayman A Boodai


Ayman Boodai is the Chairman of Rawasi Kuwait Holding Company, that stands as a prominent and diversified group, weaving a tapestry of success across various economic sectors. He has a great experience in the field of investment, local and international finance, and the difficult real estate company’s sector, aside with a long heritage of operational excellence and result-oriented performance that started in 1977. His experience extended to 45+ years, he was the CEO & Chairman of the Securities House (Kuwait) for over two decades. During his tenure, he successfully completed various acquisitions and mergers, sales of various big brands such as Abraj Waters, Kuwait Boxes Company, and GUST (Gulf University for Science and Technology).

Meshari Ayman Boodai

Vice Chairman

Meshari Boodai is the Vice Chairman of Rawasi Kuwait Holding Company. Meshari’s experience extends to 19+ years during which he has held several positions with excellent experience and great professional knowledge. He is a member on several boards, including Private Universities – Colleges – Higher Institutes Union, Al Amman Investment company, Ajwan Real Estate Company, Nafais International Company and Masaken International Company, After extensive experience working within the Securities House Company and holding the position of Executive Vice President for Studies and Analysis of New Projects Sector, he invested that experience by acquiring small companies and merging them to form economic entities locally. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance Management from Kuwait University in 2001.

Othman Ayman Boodai

Board Member – Group CEO

Othman Boodai, Board Member – Group CEO of Rawasi Kuwait Holding Company. Othman has 15+years of working experience focused on (Direct Investments and equations of low preforming assets in different fields such as: food manufacturing, eco-friendly plastic manufacturing, listed firms in Kuwait stock market). Stated his professional career at an early age with a passion to learn and keep up with everything that is exclusive and contributes to the development of the company, his team, and his self, which made him take the responsibility of leadership positions at a young age. He received his MBA from UK, Swansea University in 2022.

Saleh Mohammed AlRoomi

Deputy Group CEO

Saleh Mohammed AlRoomi is the Deputy Group CEO of Rawasi Kuwait Holding Company. His experience extends to 13 years during which he has held several positions with excellent experience and great professional knowledge. AlRoomi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Finance and Marketing from the United States of America in 2010. He received his MBA from Gulf University for Science and Technology in 2014.

Yusuf Hussain

Deputy Group CEO

Yusuf Hussain is the Deputy Group CEO of Rawasi Kuwait Holding Company. He has a wealth of experience and expertise with his extensive background spanning various sectors including (Banking, Advertisement Firms, Energy Firms, Education Sector & manufacturing Sector). His impressive career journey and experience has been for over 15+ years. Hussain holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Commerce from La Trobe University in Australia, after that he became a CPA.

Mohammad Ahmed AlNajdi

Numou CEO
Green Plastic  Cruncho

Mohamed AlNajdi is the CEO of the industrial sector “Numou” of Rawasi Kuwait Holding Company, overseeing both Green Plastic and Cruncho Factories. With a career spanning approximately 15 years, he has followed a well-structured career path that began as a Business Process Officer and led to roles as a sales manager, general manager, and finally CEO. AlNajdi’s extensive experience and skill set in the labor market have positioned him as a distinguished leader who has significantly influenced the development of Rawasi Company’s industrial sector. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Gulf University in Kuwait since 2008.

Jasem AlKhulaifi

Public Relation Manager

Jasem Alkhulaifi is Public Relation Manager of Rawasi Kuwait Holding Company. Alkhulaifi has over 15 years of working experience, brings a wealth of experience from various sectors, including finance, banking, manufacturing, and public relations. Notable roles include financial research at the Ministry of Finance, banking operations at Gulf Bank, and business development management at Kuwait Box Factory. As the Manager of Public Relations and Legal Affairs at Rawasi Company & its subsidiaries, Jasem plays a pivotal role in managing public relations and legal matters. His diverse skill set, and extensive experience make him a valuable asset to the company. A 2008 accounting graduate, Cairo University, Egypt.

Raj Nicholas

Chief Financial Officer

Raj Nicholas is the CFO of Rawasi Kuwait Holding and possesses professional experience of over 30 years with reputed organizations in managing Finance and accounts, Administration & HR, and Supply Chain across diverse roles in the organizational hierarchy. This includes experience in Manufacturing, FMCG, Retail and Service industries. Raj holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Finance and Costing from Mysore University, Karnataka, India, and Master of Business Administration (MBA).